Tuesday September 25, 2018 – Prof. Stéphane Bayen



Prof. Stéphane Bayen

Assistant Professor
Department of food science and agricultural chemistry
McGill University



Development of LC-QTOF-MS based workflows for the non-targeted analysis of food contaminants



Food contaminant analysis has benefitted from rapid developments in the fields of chromatography and mass spectrometry, in terms of quantification and sample throughput. In the last decade, the innovation brought by the usage of accurate mass measurements led to a more robust identification of unknown molecules in complex matrices. In this talk, examples will be provided to demonstrate how LC-QTOF-MS can be used to analyze unexpected contaminants present at trace level in food, but is also used as a tool for mining for non-previously reported chemical structures, providing additional key food safety information.



Dr Stéphane BAYEN is Assistant Professor in the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry at McGill University. His research interests include (i) analytical chemistry applied to the detection of trace contaminants and their metabolites in food and the environment, (ii) the fate of contaminants (contaminant chemistry; bioaccumulation mechanisms involved in the contamination of foodstuff; behavior of contaminants during food storage, processing and cooking) and (iii) ecological & human health risk assessments. Since 2014, he is building a research program at McGill University (http://foodtox.lab.mcgill.ca/), concentrating on developing novel non-targeted approaches (e.g. Foodomics) to monitor contaminants and to provide a more in-depth understanding of their behavior from field to fork.

Date(s) - September 25, 2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Emplacement / Location
Morris and Rosalind Goodman Agora