Tuesday May 10, 2022 – Sponsors presentation – on ZOOM


Sylvain Letarte

CEO, Phytronix Instruments

Vitamin C analysis with LDTD-MS/MS Technique – A quick way to see if you have eaten enough oranges to avoid scurvy!!!




Tom Doherty

Senior Product Manager, MOBILion Systems Inc.

 High-Resolution Ion Mobility for Deeper Characterization of Large Molecules





David Alonzo

Application chemist, LECO Corporation

 Application of multi-dimensional GC and TOFMS to metabolomic research




Alex Birsan

Mass spectrometry specialist, Waters

 Recent advances in Chromatographic and MS performance and their applications





Aaron M. Robitaille

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Orbitrap Tribrid MS

Thermo Fisher Scientific

 CHIMERYS: An AI-Driven Leap Forward in Peptide Identification






Jonathan Krieger

Project Manager, R&D IPA Software, Bruker

 Proteomics at the single cell level with the timsTOF SCP







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