October 14, 2014 – André Leblanc

AndreLeblancAndré Leblanc

Université du Québec à Montréal, roup of Lekha Sleno

2014 recipient of the Michel Bertrand award

Novel mass spectrometry-based methodologies to detect, characterize and quantify reactive drug metabolites and their protein adducts

Reactive metabolites are electrophilic and reactive species that can be metabolically generated from some xenobiotics. They have often been linked to toxicity via their ability to covalently bind to protein. Reactive metabolites generated from therapeutic drugs are responsible for a multitude of adverse drug reactions and impede the development of new drugs. The development of mass spectrometry-based analytical methods to study these species is needed to better understand the molecular processes involved with these types of toxicities. The talk will present several new methodologies pertaining to the detection and characterization of reactive metabolites and their covalent adducts.