October 15, 2013 – Christina Bell


Christina Bell

University of Montreal

Molecularcharacterization of the contribution of autophagy to antigen presentation using quantitative proteomics

Autophagy, is a fundamental cellular degradation pathway that emerged as a new immunological paradigm of increasing interest. The application of quantitative proteomics methods allowed us to identify changes occurring during the remodeling of autophagosomes in response to disease and inflammatory conditions such as cytokine stimulation and viral infections. Bioanalytical mass spectrometry has played a key role in identifying and quantifying important regulators of autophagy in macrophages. Furthermore, our systems biology approach that combined mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics with shRNA screens revealed new biological insights on the molecular mechanisms governing the functions of the autophagosome in antigen presentation.

Prix Michel Bertrand en Spectrométrie de masse

This award was established earlier this year by the MMSDG to commemorate the pioneering work of Michel Bertrand in the field of bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry. This award is given to a graduate student from a Quebec University in his/her last year of doctoral studies and who made an exceptional contribution to the fundamental understanding and/or the application of mass spectrometry.