March 21, 2013 – Lars Konermann

LarsKonermannLars Konermann

Professor and Canada Research Chair, Department of Chemistry University of Western Ontario

Analyzing Proteins by ESI Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals and Biophysical Applications

Electrospray ionization (ESI) generates intact gas-phase ions from analytes in solution for a wide range of mass spectrometric investigations. Over the past few years our laboratory has contributed to the development of a comprehensive ESI mechanistic framework. The view that emerges from experimental and computational studies implies that ESI can proceed via three different avenues. Low molecular weight analytes follow the ion evaporation model (IEM), whereas the charged residue model (CRM) applies to large globular species. A chain ejection model (CEM) has been proposed for unfolded proteins and other disordered polymers. This presentation will also discuss recent ESI-MS applications, highlighting novel approaches for investigating protein folding and conformational dynamics. These techniques involve the use of rapid mixing techniques, hydrogen/deuterium exchange, as well as covalent labeling..