November 20, 2012 – Kevin Bateman

Kevin BatemanKevin Bateman

Leader Global Bioanalytical Scientific Network Senior Bioanalytical Scientist for PPDM and Director of the Methods Development group for Merck’s Regulated Bioanalytical Group

Recent Advances in Applied Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery

Over the past decade, we witnessed a significant transformation in the use of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) data in support to the discovery and development of novel therapeutic compounds. Mass spectrometry has played a key role in supporting the lead optimization phase of drug discovery, and the recent introduction of high resolution mass analyzers and high-speed data processing systems further enhanced the value of MS-based technologies in metabolite detection and identification This presentation will highlight examples of the application of contemporary MS techniques to the optimization of drug candidates in an industrial drug discovery setting, and the complementary roles of high resolution MS in metabolite structure elucidation.