February 22, 2011 – Daniel Figeys

Daniel FigeysDaniel Figeys

CRC in Proteomics and Systems Biology, Director Institute of systems Biology, University of Ottawa

Proteomics and lipidomics of human diseases 

Proteomics and lipidomics to better understand biological processes associated with diseases, such as neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases that pose some interesting technical challenges inview of the limited amount of sample available when studying specific regions of the brain.  Although, proteomics can routinely identify and quantify 1000’s of proteins, this is generally done using  a large amount of material.  Here, we will present technologies to study minute amounts of specific regions of the brain using proteomics and lipidomics.  We are also studying the role of the regulation of LDL and VLDL in liver cells.  This requires studying biological processes from the ER, Golgi, endosome, and plasma membrane.  We will present some of our approach to study the proteome and the lipidome at the sub-cellular level.