Tuesday March 15, 2022 – Russell Grant, Ph.D. – on ZOOM

Russell Grant, Ph.D.

Strategic Director and National Director of Mass Spectrometry, Labcorp, Burlington, USA





Are Mass Spectrometers Truth Machines?



When I started my journey with mass spectrometry, I was told by my PhD professor “mass spectrometers are truth machines”. Following 30 years of research and application of quantitative mass spectrometry in drug development and clinical diagnostics, I have come to appreciate the statement as fact. However, the truth being told is usually one of assumptions and errors in experimentation. This presentation will highlight key lessons learned during my journey to understand when a mass spectrometer is telling the truth and when it is being a clever liar. Details will include the nature and correction of matrix effects, how to increase throughput without sacrificing quality, how an internal standard should actually be used and finish with the conundrum of how to properly quantify a protein, noting that unlike a small molecule, most proteins circulate as a family of proteoforms, not a singular entity.



Dr Grant earned a PhD in chromatographic and mass spectrometry technologies from the University of Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. He continued his scientific training in various industrial settings, which have included Senior scientist at GSK, Principal scientist at Cohesive Technologies, Technical director at Eli Lilly, and Director of mass spectrometry at Esoterix Endocrinology. Dr Grant is currently the Vice President for Research and Development and Discipline director for Mass Spectrometry at Laboratory Corporation of America. Dr Grant has pioneered the use of direct injection technologies, chromatographic systems multiplexing, utility of automation, advanced microsampling technologies and techniques. His research goals are focused upon improvements in speed, sensitivity, and quality of liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) analytical systems and assays in the direct care of patients.


Date(s) - March 15, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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